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We knew sooner or later you would want to know "Well how does it work and how much does this cost anyway?"  

So here are the details:

  • Minimum Time- There is a three hour minimum (it's never enough) billed at $130 per hour.


  • Hourly Rate after the minimum- $120 per hour for each additional hour.


  • Breaks- We take one ten minute break every other hour (We've got to run to the bathroom sometime!). We do our best not to interrupt the flow of the party and usually this is a good time to coax people that haven't already sang up to the microphones.


  • Set Up- We show up at your site at least 45 minutes before the show. We take care of everything and only require at least one 120volt 15amp electrical circuit (This is the most common circuit found in homes). We do require a certain amount of space to set the equipment up. Ideally we would have a 10 foot by 10 foot square but we have made it work in much smaller spaces. We will work with you to allow the set up to blend in with your party.


  • Song Requests- We hand out several Song books when we first arrive at your party. Each book contains all the songs listed alphabetically by Song Title and by Artist. Once you find your song just come up to the table and enter it in on the PC that records all song requests. We will then call up the singers in the order that they made their request. Typically we just need your name, the song title and the artist but if you are a Karaoke connoisseur please also include the Larryoke number so we assign the exact song you are requesting.


  • Number of Singers- We allow for up to four singers to sing at once. No uninvited help is allowed (Sometimes certain people take on an alter ego and start to think they should be singing every song and helping everyone else). When it's your song, you decide who, if anyone, you want singing with you.


  • What about the kids- Kids love this stuff and are the most uninhibited. Depending on your party you may want to have a cutoff time for the kids to allow the grownups to have a chance to shine. We have no preference but just like to make you aware of what our experiences have been. When we do kids parties they sing nonstop and truly have a ball!


  • Who's in charge?- We do our best to allow everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves but sometimes things can get a little out of hand. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who is either obviously intoxicated or showing total disregard for the well being of the equipment. This equipment is expensive and in excellent condition and we intend to keep it that way.


  • Payment- A $100.00 deposit is required when the show is booked. The remaining payment is due at the end of the show. We prefer cash but a check is fine also. Should you decide to cancel your reservation with less that thirty days notice your deposit will be forfeited otherwise we will return it to you minus a 35% handling fee. If you have any questions or concerns please email us!

Questions? Email us!

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